Wednesday, April 9, 2014

25 Random Facts About Me

I'm sitting here and wondering how I can put off doing homework just a bit longer. So I thought I would tell you all a little about myself.

1. My name is.......we can leave that as a suspense yea...... :P

2. I am a current freshman in college.

3. I live in the U.S., but I was brought up in a first generation American household. Take of that what you will.

4. I went to a technology charter school. So, yes, I am a huge math, science, and tech geek. Sue me :P I just love tinkering with stuff and learning about how to create new machines and robots and gadgets and whatnot. I applied to college as a computer science major. Then I learned that programming is not my forte, in that I get tired of staring at code for too long. Once I get into the nitty gritty aspects of coding, I love it, but putting together the whole picture just doesn't seem to always work for me. So now I am pre-med. What a change, I know. Who knows, maybe in a year I'll just 360 it back to engineering major. Let's see where this road goes.

5. Music. I love all forms of music. It is a perfect go to for any situation.

6. I love the sun, but nighttime is when I'm alive.

7. In large crowds I am quite the introvert, but get me alone and I will not stop talking and will seem like a weirdo, but that's not always a bad thing, right?

8. I love chocolate. I think that is a given for most people....

9. I am a 90s kid through and through. Nothing can beat the kind of stuff they had back then. Of course, the technology now is 10 time better, but we can overlook that for now.

10. I don't consider myself as an artsy person, but people keep telling me that when I do crafts, I have an eye for it. So I'll take it.

11. I have a phobia of spiders, and bees, and basically anything that crawls (except babies, I love babies :P)

12. I don't smoke or drink. Personally, I don't know what the appeal of them are.

13. I love food. Anything sweet or spicy. I love a lot of flavor, so anything bland is not really on my long list of favorite foods.

14. Give me a laptop and wifi and I can keep myself occupied for hours, well more like days.

15. I am a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major.

16. I live in the U.S. but have been abroad before. I was born overseas, and moved quite a few times.

17. I love singing but I sound like a dying walrus most of the time, so I only tend to sing when I'm alone. No need to put anyone else through that torture :P

18. I love math. Currently taking Calculus II, and I plan on continuing until at least Multivariable Calculus or Linear Algebra.

19. When I wake up from a nap or am just tired or hungry, I get really grumpy. However, I have learned that I only get full on grumpy around my family. Here, at college, I tend to reign it in to the best of my abilities.

20. I can't wait until I am "all grown up." I just want to be out of school and settled in a job and a good home life. I want to skip all the years in-between. I know that those are the years to remember, but so far, it hasn't been all that great.

21. I am quite the robotics nerd.

22. I'm scared that I won't get into medical school, and I don't really have a solid back-up plan.

23. My dream place to visit is London. Doesn't seem that exciting or exotic, but I would really just like to visit anywhere in Europe really.

24. I love love love reading. I don't have any time at all to read now due to all the schoolwork, which is why I can't wait until summer time.

25. I can speak more than one language. Which personally messes me up, especially when I want to describe something to someone in English and I am just sitting there trying to think of a good translation of the word. :P

Hope you guys enjoyed learning a bit more about me. Let me know your comments or if you have any questions or if you guys can relate in anyway. Always remember to never lose that smile :)

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