Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

      I hope you are wearing green! Ever heard of the phrase "get a pinch to grow an inch?" Well I have a feeling a whole bunch of people are going to be sprouting up like weeds today. Just kidding. :P
      It's Monday, spring break just ended, and I have no motivation whatsoever. However, I am going to push through. Midterms have just finished and this is the time to crunch if I want those grades up before the end of the year.
      But before I go, I thought I would just ramble here for a bit, get it out of my system. I have had so many flashbacks to my childhood today that I am slightly teary-eyed. I remember playing in parks and scavenging for four-leafed clovers in the grass fields. Do children even do that anymore? Some kids would put two clovers together and try and trick their friends into thinking they found the luckiest clover of all time. Did you ever do that? I am guilty of committing that little crime. :P I just loved getting one over my friends as a kid. If I do say so myself, but I was quite the little prankster.
      Share some of your St. Patty's Day memories here. I would love to hear about them. Talk to you soon. Never lose that smile :)

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